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Whilst attending a Web3 summer camp, Tobby and Logan are the unlikely duos who accidentally enter the Metaverse. Their only way out is to get minted into NFTs! They desperately hope their parents will collect them in time so they can be unlocked and return to IRL in one piece. Will NFT characters help them find their way back or will they be forever Lost In The Metaverse?

Only NFTs can tell!

Lost In The Metaverse is an original story written by Claira Soazandge

This story is copyrighted & copyminted on the blockchain

Copyright 2022. Claira Soazandge. All rights reserved

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Readers reviews

"What seems to be the start of a dull summer camp trip quickly turns into a time of magic, friendship and adventure"

Katherine E., Fiction Teacher

"I think the book is excellent by the way and look forward to hearing what happens next."

Heilean Rosenstock, NFT parent

"Claira, my family really enjoyed your 1st chapter! My daughter Bella, 8 said that Tobby was a butthead 😯🤣 She has never said that before. He really made her feel something haha!

She said it was good and asked if there were any pictures. She's used to RL Stine type chapter books where there is an illustration here and there. Overall, thumbs up all around . We all chuckled and enjoyed the wonderful descriptive pages

🤍 "

Patty, CEO Give4Kidz

"A collection of very unique characters who learn to accept their differences, grow as people and develop life long friendships in Web3 and beyond"

Sarah. C, Fiction Teacher

"I know I will sound bias but as a bookworm, I have to say that

this book is such a fun read. I couldn't put it down. It's so good

I was cracking up all throughout"

Gemeidon, 13 yr old Co-founder NFT Kids Mag

"My hubby Ricky even laughed. Great job! My niece, 11, said it was good and funny"

Patty, CEO Give4kidz

"We love the book"

11 & 14yr old Eric & Joey

Creator of The Adventure of

The Potato People

I have been laughing all morning!!! I like the setup and the visuals of Tobby's morning, the drop off scene and the

bus ride!!! OMG The gas station attendant with the __________ ! Keep Going!

Jordan, Co founder NFDaddys

"Ohhh the book is fantastic. Tobby seems like the more adventurous trouble maker of the two of them that’s for sure

Craig, Co founder Metarides_NFT

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Claira Soazandge is the Founder and Editor In Chief of NFT Kids Mag, the 1st NFT publication for children on the blockchain and IRL as well as the biggest NFT Kids Community around. Co-founded by her son, Teen NFT photographer, Gemeidon, NFT Kids Mag shares the art, story and voices of young artists. It is the gateway helping kid artists and their families navigate this new exciting Web3 space.

meet the author

Claira is a French-born, British children's author originating from Madagascar. She is now based in Seoul, South Korea where she teaches fiction writing to elementary school students. She has spent the past year making huge waves within the NFT space by being the 1st to share exclusive interviews of young digital artists through NFT Kids Magazine. Her book, Lost In the Metaverse is inspired by the talented NFT kid artists she works with every day.

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WANNA FEATURE YOUR NFT art or COLLECTION? open call to young & adult artists!

Lost In The Metaverse is a unique NFT Scifi story taking place in the imaginary world of Web3. It will become the staple book

introducing kids to NFTs, Web3, crypto and the Blockchains

in a story form. Key Metaverse brands and NFT collections

will be featured.

For the chance to feature your art or NFT brand, join our Early Readers Club, Collect the LITM or the NFT Kids Mag NFTs & help share the word...#LITM


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